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Founded in 2011, Saybrook Farms specializes in the development of both the horse and rider in English disciplines. Our programs focus on classic hunt seat principles and the fundamentals of horsemanship. 

Saybrook Farms is owned and operated by Morgan Hughes. Morgan has a lifetime of horsemanship, riding her first OTTB at age 2. She developed as a Junior in the Hunter ring in Northern CA and pursued an education in Veterinary Science. Morgan moved to Illinois, where she founded Saybrook Farms, continued to show, teach, train and graduate with an AA in Equine Management from Parkland College at The University of Illinois. She realized her passion and aptitude for green horses, successfully implementing numerous OTTBs into successful “A” circuit careers. Relocated to Kentcucky in 2016, Morgan has applied her-hands on technique developing horses and riders from the ground up. Morgan effectively integrates forward seat fundamentals, provides horses with a concrete start over fences, introduces students to the showing experience and assists students in reaching personal goals.                                                   

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